Domain and Vineyard


In the Marne Valley, the dominant grape is the Pinot Meunier and the Pinot Noir. Etoges is located 10 km away of the "Côte des Blancs". The vineyard are planted on chalk integrates an increasing amount of Chardonnay.


The benefits you can get from the Alain Bergère Champagne are linked to its size and to the dispersion of its vineyard.

A divided and dispesed vineyard allows to insure a regularity in the production and therefore a constancy in the typicity of its cuvées. The divirsity is cultivated inside the Alain Bergère Winery to the point that we planted some acres of "Petit Meslier", an old Champagne vine.

As we want to get the best products for our customers, we experiment different technics such as "enherbement" and "mating disruption" in the vineyards.


The press center is located in Etoges with a stainless horizontal basket press.

The winery installed in Etoges is traditional and contains small and enameled vats. The malolactic fermentation is done immediately after the alcoholic fermentation.

The riddling is manually done.